3 Tips for Coming Back Stronger Post-Lockdown

7 July 2021 | news

There is no doubt that the pandemic has caused a major disruption to both everybody’s working and personal lives.

With vaccination roll-outs and lockdowns easing, now is the time to look into ways to ensure your business comes back better than before.

Here are 3 ways to do that that are quicker to implement than you might think.

Ensure Field Team Database Is Up-To-Date

This is a task that can easily be pushed aside but, if possible, spending some time getting on-top of organising your staff’s database can pay back in management time later on. This includes actions such as updating team’s personal information and deleting old profiles.

Consider not only updating your database but adding to it in a way that adds value to your campaigns and makes them easier to roll-out.

Assign field staff skills and assign projects based on the required skill-set.

Why use skills?
  • Ensure the right people are being picked for each campaign.
  • Quickly and efficiently assign field staff.
  • Get a better picture of field staff’s capabilities to identify strengths and areas for development.
  • Use in conjunction with self-assignment booking system, Vacancies. Assign campaigns quickly by allowing field staff with the required skills, experience and location to reserve activities.
Use TeamHaven to easily set-up projects with the skills and experience required. Only field staff meeting the criteria can be assigned to activities. TeamHaven automatically tracks field team’s experience so that the more visits they complete requiring that skill, the more experience they therefore gain.

Expand the Tools You Use - Here Are Some Reports You May Have Missed

Did you know these reports exist in TeamHaven and are all included in your current TeamHaven license?

Calculate field team payroll using different pay rates either by hours worked or per activity. 

Time and Distance:
Estimate field staff’s travel and see how much time is spent on the road versus completing activities.

Weekly Activities: 
Recently released, Weekly Activities is designed to better oversee campaigns. 

Call Compliance:
Set project KPIs for your team and see if they are being met. Check if field staff arrive, complete activities in the right place, start and finish on-time and many more. Set-up daily email alerts to be notified of any potential problems.

Invest in the Future

Admittedly, this can take a bit longer to implement than the other suggestions, but it arguably comes with the greatest benefits.

During lockdown forced downtime became a crucial moment to reassess operations and service offering. From this, the enquiries we received into how TeamHaven could integrate into external systems doubled.

Why integrate with TeamHaven?
  • Track stock and sales data in-store.
  • Automate stock orders.
  • Reduce management time copying information to and from external systems. 
  • Use external systems to create new locations and visits in TeamHaven.
  • Sent automated email reports.
  • Use additional reporting tools such as Microsoft Power BI.
  • Save data into cloud storage systems.
  • Eliminates manual errors exporting data.

There is a wide variety of integration solutions to suit different requirements and budgets - including an option that is completely free!

For more information on these tools and solutions or to find out how TeamHaven can help improve your field force automation, please contact: 

Tel: +44 (0) 1249 561050