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Focus on creating unique and memorable brand experiences by streamlining staffing and client reporting.

Job assignment, compliance and reporting, all in one place

Simplify experiential activities such as sampling, demonstration days and promotional events and ensure the right talent is picked for the job. Use TeamHaven to record staff skills, experience and ratings, so you can find the people you need quickly.

As well as hand-picking and assigning activities, promotional staff can use the TeamHaven Mobile app to reserve jobs based on their location, skill set and experience. The TeamHaven Mobile app guides staff step-by-step through their work, from receiving briefs and getting directions to collecting information and photos from the day. You can also use the app to message staff and track if promoters turn up to jobs on time.

Automatically feed back information from events and analyse campaign objectives using a variety of colourful dashboard and image reports that can also be shared with your team and clients. Collect a range of information such as sample numbers, public opinions, survey information and photos. You can even include sales-out data in TeamHaven to track if promotional activities have increased sales!

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We’ve been working with TeamHaven since 2007 and their tool is one key element in winning new customers for our company and ensuring long-term client satisfaction. It was also a vital asset in winning one of the biggest contracts in JET’s history.

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- Andy Kuka, Director New Business, JET Services

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