Expand Your Reporting Capabilities with the TeamHaven Sync Tool

1 November 2023 | news

Unlock a deeper insight into campaigns by expanding your reporting capabilities.

The TeamHaven Sync Tool is designed to seamlessly integrate data in TeamHaven with leading BI reporting platforms, such as Zoho Analytics and Microsoft Power BI, enabling you to create a broad variety of reports.

Why choose the TeamHaven Sync Tool?

  • Easy to Use: No coding or developer expertise is required.
  • Customisable Transfers: Select the data you need, apply personalised rules, and effortlessly tailor your data integration to your exact specifications.
  • Flexible Data Uploads: Automate data synchronisation once or multiple times a day.
  • Seamless Integration: Combine the power of the TeamHaven Sync Tool with your choice of BI reporting platform or cloud storage, such as Microsoft Power BI, for a comprehensive reporting solution.

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